About Us

Welcome to Access 1st Project Inc

ACCESS (African Center for Comprehensive Education and Social Services) led by Stephanie Ngene (EdD) and a group of highly qualified dedicated interdisciplinary volunteers in 2018 was created to assist the society marginalized and system oppressed people to access education and social services.

Access 1st PROJECT INC honors its African heritage while serving as model nonprofit dedicated to education and social empowerment   to  those in need. Our capacity to improve, transform and empower the disadvantaged in our society rests with the support of the public. Visit the donation page to find out how you can help be the agent of the change we seek

Our Mission


To advocate, educate, empower, and transform the underserved population for increased self-sufficiency and social well-being.

Our Vision


Our vision is an equitable society where comprehensive educational and social welfare resources are accessible to  all who need them.