H.E Ambassador Dr. ADA JUNI OKIKA I Executive Director at Center for SDG Global Education USA, & UN Coordinator for Africana Women Working Group at the United Nations

Dr. ADA JUNI OKIKA is an educationist, capacity development, Gender advocate and knowledge management expert, who develops programs, strategies, and organizes education and training, carries out research, and ensures successful implementation of initiatives especially on education in community classroom, peace, women, girls, children and school support programs. Her strengths in developing ideas into programs and building top-performing initiatives have earned her repeated commendations and formal recognition from colleagues and peers. Dr Ada is the Global Director at Centre for Transformative Advancement of Development for Africa CTADA, an initiative of the Center for SDG Global Education USA, Rector of Ruth Sisters Fellowship International, a Fellowship resolved to educate, empower, and support a sister in building a character generation for the Kingdom of God. Dr Ada Okika is the UN Coordinator for Africana Women Working Group at the UN, a coalition of NGOs in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council at the United Nations.
As an advocate, she has provided advisory notes to legislative houses on the education of children and improvement of community classrooms on quality and inclusive education. She has addressed gender issues on women in less privileged situations and annually empowers women in communities through education, economic empowerment, education on culture of Peace and trade exchange initiatives. As an Ambassador for Peace, Dr Ada takes her initiative on HUG4PEACE to schools to educate on culture of peace and SDG16 and targets. Ada JUNI Okika is a consultant to many international organizations and governments on the work of the United Nations and the 2030 Development Agenda.
Dr. Ada Okika is very passionate about what she does and is determined to ensure that women and girls, youth and children, education in community classrooms, Culture of Peace and grassroots issues are achieved positively well for the 2030 Agenda. She has spoken at many conferences on these issues. She has spoken at the President of the UNGA75 Session UN High Level Forum of The Culture of Peace. Ada JUNI Okika aspires to do more and hopes that her accomplishments and many more to come will be remembered in history as a model for generations. In her words: “Lets Step-up Action for the Future we want for our Generation” is what drives her efforts and commitment to what she knows how to do well.