Pre and Post IEP Meetings support

Access 1st Project Inc Professionals are committed to providing a comprehensive functional education to all individuals from school age to adulthood who have been systematically and academically oppressed. We are passionate in our belief that Every Student can Succeed and driven by our wholesome commitment to equity and social justice.

 The term “functional” connotes the skills and competencies needed by an individual to participate as fully as possible in the settings of home, community, school, and work. A remarkable significant outcome of functional education is increased independence, control over one’s life and others outside the school.


  • Our Education specialists focus on assisting families with special needs children from birth to age 22. Provide guidance about trends and special education legislation that directly impact their children
  • We provide information and guidance on accessing the continuum of special education services mandated by the IDEA.
  • Our experienced diagnosticians will assist families with the determination of special education eligibility including, IDEA, ADA, 504 services.
  • We will use a multidisciplinary approach to review school records, any existing IEP documents and recommend additional services as needed. 
  • Participate in IEP, IFSP, ITP, and 504 meetings
  • We will collaborate with families to propose new goals, review progress reports and recommend new services.
  • Our team will ensure that families get the services and support they need for their children to Succeed from start to finish, including tutoring. 
  • In the event of due process hearing or litigation, the experienced team of special educators at Access 1st Inc will be with you all the way.
  • At Promise, Youth refers to students who may fail to earn a high school diploma for various reasons, including truancy, economic disadvantage, juvenile delinquency, social and emotional difficulties, learning disability, or overall low academic achievement. At Access 1st, we believe that all At Promise Youth have the innate potential to lead, innovate and make valuable contribution to self and society. given the proper support. 
  • Our team of passionate Counselors/case managers will assist families and youth in resolving and overcoming related school challenges, including tutoring to find their ideal educational trajectory.
  • Job and education coaching
  • Life skill training 
  • Referral to other agencies
  • Transition services (Post-secondary education, Career, and Independent living).
  • Autism and Related Disorder (ARD)

Autism is a developmental disability, adversely affect a child’s educational performance and significantly impact developmental milestones such as verbal and non- verbal communication and social skills. Autism is a spectrum disorder that vary in their abilities and behaviors.