Thank you so very much for attending the first Semi-Annual President’s Award Gala in New York on December 3rd, 2021. It was an amazing evening of celebration, connection, and time spent honoring the men and women that help to uphold our communities and build families. We are grateful that you have welcomed our gratitude by accepting this very special President’s award.

For those unable to attend, the night was coined as memorable. We welcomed our celebrated guests on a red carpet. The one-hour cocktail hour permitted honored guests to take pictures, socialize while enjoying drinks and finger foods. At the onset, our special guests were given the royal treatment; they were able to meet with sponsors, and special care was taken to ensure the evening would be enjoyable.

The Invocation was by Rev. Dr. Tyron Steveson and the National Anthem was sung by Village Theory Band; these two set the tone for Liz Black, (2018 Stellar Award winner and syndicated midday inspiration host WBLS 107.5/WLIB 1190 am), to issue the opening remarks and welcome. She welcomed the recipients and their families at 7:30 pm, and the room quickly began to rise in soft chatter that was accompanied by the musical performance from Village Theory Band. 

The food spread was mixed with fruit, cheeses, hot and cold options that included several different types of meat, pasta, vegetarian, and dessert options. The layout was truly fit for a king and queen. The time had not yet come for dinner to be served, the first speech was from His Excellence the Right Honorable Dr. Philip Phinn, (President General of WOLMI and Chancellor of CICA International University), to speak on the importance of honor. 

This brief speech set the tone for Dr. Paris Svoronos (Professor of Chemistry) and an honoree of the evening, to express her appreciation for the night and the President’s award. Her speech spoke about how many of the honorees felt about the evening and their dedicated service to the communities in which they help. Shortly after her speech, the announcement for dinner to be served was made. 

The joyful sounds from the band encouraged all the guests to stand and enjoy the buffet held in their honor. While the food was being enjoyed two other speeches were also given. The first was Dr. Patricia Ancella McDougall (CEO Patricia Professional Photos LLC), another honoree of the evening. The second was Her Excellence Rector Dr. Ada Okika (President and Executive Director for Center for SDG), who spoke about the importance of volunteering.  

Upon completion of these moving speeches, His Excellency Rev. Dr. Devon Bannister (President of Mac/Ban Arts), took to the podium to read the letter from President Joseph Biden, (46 President of the United States of America) to the awardees. Every mouth was silenced as they listened to the meaningful words and the gratitude from the president for their service. Honorees, their guests, special guest, and sponsors alike uproar in applause upon conclusion of the reading, and Dr. Bannister transitioned the night to present the certificate awards to our distinguished guests.

The night was surely memorable for everyone that was able to walk across the stage, shake hands, and receive their award to commemorate the thanks from President Joseph Biden and the night. A photo session was held after for all who wanted additional pictures for keepsakes or other purposes. Special guests and a few sponsors were encouraged to come up to share their gratitude in a quick minute or two speech. Honorary mentions were provided for key sponsors: Chartered Institute of Forensic Investigators Inc. (New York), Center for SDG Global Education USA, The Premiere Image, American Medical Women’s Association, KenGar Publishing, Touchstone Crystal, Youthgether Global, African Women Working Group at the UN, Intuitive Therapeutic Massage of Long Island, Caribbean Girls Mission of Hope, Finish The Chapter, Feed My Sheep, Exponential Innovations, Mac/Ban Corp, CICA International University & Seminary, Heritage One, Federation of Agriculture Nations of the Americas, Patricia Professional Photography, Family Support Services Network Inc, and Krystal Lee Enterprises (DBA: The Business Concierge). 

The closing message was provided by His Excellence Lord Sr. Robert Orville Thomas (Head of the UNHR UK, Chief Justice, and UN Ambassadorial Representative), who left an encouraging message in the ears of all guests. He summed up the evening and continued to motivate the honorees to give as they have been; because, what they have given to the world will always remain in the hearts of the people they touch. The guests were charged to continue their legacy of good works and goodwill towards men, women, and children. All parties were dismissed and the soft chattered continued as everyone enjoyed taking photos, exchanging words of thanks and celebration upon their exit from the Hilton Long Island Huntington location, located at 598 Broad Hollow Rd Melville NY, 11747.